Vancouver Photo Workshops

I am a Vancouver photographer and instructor at Vancouver Photo Workshops. I am very passionate about photography.

I am on a relentless journey to create powerful images from portraits to fine art nudes, street to landscape photography.

When I instruct my energy quickly fills the room, the information is delivered at a quick pace, inspiring my audience to consider of their own photographic pursuits.

Please join me at Vancouver Photo Workshops for some of our life changing photographic workshops.

Intro to your Nikon - 1 day - MARCH 2ND
DSLR intensive weekend - 2 days - TBD
Intro to DSLR Photography - 10 weeks - APRIL 8TH

Once I was a Camera - 6 classes - TBD

Lightroom intensive weekend - 2 days
Lightroom Complete - 8 weeks - APRIL TBD

Intermediate intensive weekend - 2 days - TBD
Intermediate photography - 8 weeks - APRIL 3RD

One Light - on & off camera flash - 8 weeks- APRIL 9TH

Location Lighting Shoot - 1 day - APRIL 6th

The New Nude - 1 day - FEB 9TH < new format for regular updates and more class listings.